Why We Do


Our passion at Limbic Medical is to bring the joy of life back to our patients…Life is too short to settle for anything else. We’re happiest when we “graduate” our patients from our care, having given them the tools and treatments they need to take back control of their lives. Our goal is NOT to make people into professional patients.

Our practice ethos is rooted in the belief that everything in our lives and health is connected. Drawing on cutting edge science and technology, in addition to time-tested methodologies, we provide unique, individually tailored solutions to treat the root-causes of suffering for our patients.


What We Do


Ketamine, a legally available psychedelic, is redefining the way we understand and treat pain, mood disorders, and addiction. Limbic Medical is the only ketamine provider that integrates IV ketamine with at-home ketamine maintenance and a tailored nutraceutical regimen to maximize your benefit. We also offer psychedelic guidance and post-session integration to help you achieve your goals. If you’re struggling to take control of your life, psychedelic medicine may be the answer you’re looking for.


Rather than just treat a symptom, our functional, integrative, and nutraceutical approach aims to identify and treat the root cause of your pain. Limbic Medical fuses cutting-edge pain management techniques with a holistic approach to help relieve suffering.

  • "Dr. Atoian has been an absolute life saver! 7 months ago I developed a rare disorder called CRPS after an invasive spinal operation, which left my left foot in a constant state of pain, discoloration and swelling. I'm extremely happy to say that after his treatments I have absolutely no (zero, zilch, nada) pain! Thanks to Dr. Atoian and his team I've been able to get back to life and I can't thank him enough for giving me back a feeling of hope."

    - Anthony M

  • "Hey, I just want to say thank you. Ketamine probably saved my life two years ago. You saved my life two years ago. You didn't have to, but you went out of your way to make my recovery possible, and I will always appreciate you for that. Thank you for your help. Truly. I probably wouldn't be here without you."

    - Thomas H

  • " I'm very grateful I did the research to find this establishment and Dr. Atoian and his staff. He's a board certified anesthesiologist and he's board certified in addiction medicine and and he has very up to date ideas, backed by hard science, about the best way to treat drug abuse and depression. My wife and I have had great results with the Ketamine. If you are suffering from depression and using drugs to compensate and SSRI's and other standard medications have failed you, this is the best option I know. Dr. Atoian has laid out plans both for the near term and long term and given us the tools to make a massive change in our lives happen."

    - Andrew P.


Don’t just live longer, live better—we’re here to help you enjoy activities far into your future. At Limbic Medical, we use Regenerative Medicine and cell-based therapies to repair, replace, and reinvigorate the body at the cellular level.


Hydration and IV Vitamin Therapy gives you rapid relief by restoring your fluid and electrolyte balance, boosting your immune system, and accelerating cellular repair. We customize your infusions or injections to your specific wellness goals.


When you’re ready to explore treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction, you want a diverse program that can treat you comfortably, compassionately, and comprehensively. We have carefully designed integrative, whole-body treatment plans to help you take back control of your life.

Perioperative Care

Limbic Medical is committed to making surgery and recovery safe, pain-free, and stress-free. Prior to surgery until full recovery, we provide patient-centered, multidisciplinary, and integrated care to improve surgical outcomes.

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