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Depression and the Mind-Body Connection


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Depression, a complex and debilitating mental health condition, has a profound impact on both mental and physical health. Depression does not affect only our thoughts and emotions; it also manifests itself through physical symptoms which can cause serious negative impacts on everyday activities.

Because depression is rooted in both the body and the mind, the key to treating – and ultimately curing – depression may come from understanding the mind-body connection.

What is the Mind-Body Connection?

Simply put, the mind-body connection is the connection between an individual’s thoughts, stressors, behaviors, and their physical well-being. Although scientists have recognized for some time that emotions can impact our physical health, our understanding of how these emotions influence overall health and longevity is continually evolving.

The mind-body connection holds significant importance for medical treatment that focuses on addressing the entire individual rather than merely addressing symptoms. As patients continue to struggle to find lasting results through traditional medications, the value of acknowledging and nurturing the connection between mental and emotional well-being and physical health has become more essential to treating the root cause of depression.

The mind-body connection acknowledges the relationship between our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and actions. Understanding this relationship has helped researchers to discover new treatments for depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD – all mental disorders that also have a profound impact on physical health. Our understanding of the mind-body connection has produced new treatment options and approaches that have proven highly effective against these mental disorders.

A functional medicine approach to treating depression – such as that practiced at Limbic Medical – provides the ideal approach to treating a multi-system, complex disorder like depression. Functional medicine uses the mind-body connection to its fullest advantage by addressing multiple issues simultaneously, leading to better overall outcomes.

Ketamine as a Depression Treatment

It is clear that depression is not just a mental disorder. It has profound physical manifestations, including symptoms such as fatigue, weight changes, headaches, and chronic joint pain. Too many depression treatments work by alleviating symptoms – either physical or mental – without addressing underlying root causes.

In recent years, ketamine has emerged as an incredible new tool in treating depression. Ketamine has been used in medicine for many years as an anesthetic. Only recently was it discovered that ketamine also has ideal properties that make it useful to treat depression.

Ketamine is an anesthetic medicine with a dissociative effect, which means it produces a feeling of being detached from oneself. This dissociative state produces an effect on the body and mind that alleviates multiple mental and physical health issues, including major depressive disorder, depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and chronic pain.

The mental health benefits of ketamine treatment also produce physical health benefits. Patients who receive ketamine treatment often report increased energy levels, better sleep, reduced bodily pain, resolution of chronic issues, and overall better mental alertness. Mood, energy, and emotional health are all improved through ketamine treatment.

Who Should Consider Ketamine Treatment?

Ketamine is an ideal depression treatment for several types of patients:

Prefer a non-pharmaceutical approach

Patients who wish to avoid taking SSRIs or other anti-depressant medication often choose ketamine for depression treatment. Unlike antidepressants, ketamine does not require a patient to continue to take ketamine daily. Patients concerned about side effects from antidepressants or who don’t feel “normal” on antidepressants particularly like ketamine for this reason. Patients who take antidepressants often complain that the medication simply masks emotions or symptoms. Ketamine works to resolve underlying causes, making it an ideal option for patients looking for a treatment that directly addresses the mind-body connection for mental health.

Want fast results

Ketamine is notoriously fast-acting, with patients often experiencing relief within hours or days of their first treatment, compared to weeks or months for other treatment options. Ketamine has gained popularity as a mental health treatment in large part because of its ability to rapidly alleviate depressive symptoms.

Diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression

Patients diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression can become frustrated at the lack of results from antidepressants or other depression treatments. It’s important to note that “treatment-resistant” applies only to treatment with antidepressants – it does not indicate that the patient may not respond to other treatment methods. Because ketamine’s functional mechanism to address depression is quite different from that employed by SSRIs, ketamine is a fantastic treatment option for patients who have tried antidepressants without success.

Why Choose Limbic Medical for Depression Treatment?

At Limbic Medical we utilize ketamine treatment for depression along with a functional medicine approach to depression – a treatment protocol uniquely suited to take advantage of the mind-body connection in treating depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, chronic pain, or other chronic issues.

We have a strong track record in helping patients achieve a faster, more effective relief from depression. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD or chronic pain, contact Limbic Medical to receive a full diagnosis and treatment plan. Call Limbic Medical today at 323.886.2273 or schedule an appointment today.